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What is QI Wireless Charger

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1.What is QI wireless charger?

The wireless charger is a handy product that allows mobile electronic devices to be charged without the
necessity of wires or plugs. Wireless chargers can even conveniently charge several devices at once,
which saves time and electricity.

2.What does wireless charger consisit of?

It consisits of two parts, the wirelss transmitter and the wireless receiver.And the receiver was installed
in the mobile phone.

3.How does wireless charger work?

Wireless chargers, often called power mats, use a technology called magnetic induction to transfer
electrical energy from wall power sockets to electronic devices. Electricity is carried along magnetic
waves into the wireless charger and then transmitted to electronic devices through wireless
receptor pads. Instead of physically attaching directly into each unit with electrically conducting wires
or plugs, static energy is sent through the air to power and charge up batteries.

4.Does wirelss charger charge all mobile phone?

Yes,it can charge all mobile phones.If the mobile phone come with a receiver,such as Nokia
Lumia 920,LG Nexus 4,HTC 8X,HTC X920e ect,just put the phone above the transmitter,it can receive
the power from the transmitter.If the mobile phone doesn't come with a receiver,such as iphone5,
iphone6,Note 4,Note 5 ,Galaxy series ect,then we need install a receiver in it.

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