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basic about power bank

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What is a power bank?

power bank is also known as an external battery charger or external mobile charger.
It is used for charging the mobile phones and other digital devices without any
supply of electricity and connectors. It is a battery operated device and handy
that can be carried anywhere in the pocket and charge your mobile phone while
on travelling.

How many types of power bank?

The power banks have enormous varieties in terms of looks, compatibility, portability,
shapes and size. But, the main factor on which we can distinguish the power banks
is the capacity of charging the device. The process of advancement is still ongoing
that is continuously developing the era of the eternal battery charger.

What is a capacity of a power bank?

The capacity of a power bank varies with the model; it ranges from 2200mAh till
21000 mAh (approx). The capacity is measured in the mAh i.e. milliampere hour.
This is one of the prime factors should consider before purchasing the power banks.

It is compatible with which device?

The power banks are highly compatible with almost every smart mobile phone,
tablets, iPad, iPhone and many more. The mobile phones of all leading brands
can be charged with this power bank such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, Apple,
Micromax, Gionee etc.

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